Family Pet Hospital Surgery

Known For Our Orthopedics!

Family Pet Hospital offers a wide range of surgical services, from routine spays and neuters to advanced soft tissue and orthopedic procedures.  Our doctors are experienced and compassionate.  Although most surgeries can be performed by our excellent doctors, for procedures requiring advanced training and specialized equipment, a certified, traveling veterinary surgeon will come right to our clinic so your pet never has to travel far for care!  

Know the Difference


Please Note: Unfortunately, similar sounding procedures are frequently not the same at different veterinary hospitals. 

To ensure your pet receives high quality care, you need to choose a hospital with high standards.  When asking about any service, please inquire as to what is included in the procedure that you are interested in.  Also, inquire about what kind of monitoring is used for anesthesia. 

A good clinic will be happy to discuss their procedures with you.

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Soft Tissue Surgery


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Orthopedic Surgery


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Dentistry and Oral Surgery


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Anesthetic procedures (surgical and dental) are performed with your pet's safety in mind.  A staff member is dedicated to monitoring your pet during their entire procedure. 

Pain Management


Family Pet Hospital is committed to keeping your pet as comfortable and pain free as possible.  

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