Commitment To Quality Care


Family Pet Hospital understands that quality veterinary care can be expensive- after all we are pet owners too!  Unfortunately common sounding veterinary procedures such as "spay" or "neuter" may include different things at different clinics.  It is important to compare "apples to apples" when asking about veterinary care. A good veterinary clinic will be happy to answer your questions and discuss your concerns. Please use the following guides to help you compare our services to other veterinary clinics.

The world of veterinary medicine has undergone significant changes in recent years and continues to change at a rapid pace.  These changes have allowed veterinarians to diagnose and treat previously untreatable conditions.  In fact, tests such as MRI, CT Scans, echocardiograms, and ultrasound (just to name a few) that you would associate with a human hospital are also available to your pet.  Previously unknown treatments now allow veterinarians to improve your pet's quality of life as well as the length of his/her life.  Often, this new technology translates into increased costs to pet owners.

Did you know that 1 in 3 pets will require unexpected veterinary care over the course of a year?  While we sincerely hope your furry family member remains healthy for many years, planning for your pet's future needs and health is an important part of being a responsible pet parent.

Below you will find information on Family Pet Hospital's policies as well as some information regarding insurance and payment options.

Payment Resources


Our fees are based on the time, expertise, and technologies required for your pet's visit or procedure as well as the cost of materials and the treatments utilized for your pet.  Many pet owners try to compare the cost of veterinary medicine to their own healthcare cost- Please remember that the true, total for your (human) health care costs are rarely seen due to insurance and government subsidies.  It is also important to remember that your veterinarian is not only your pet's "family physician" but also his/her dentist, surgeon, neurologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist, etc.  All payments are due at time of service.  Click the link to see our complete Hospital Payment Policy.

For your convenience, Family Pet Hospital accepts all of the following:

Cash, Check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, and CareCredit

Payment Plans

Family Pet Hospital is proud to partner with CareCredit to offer clients convenient monthly payment plans to help finance their needed veterinary care. Please click the CareCredit logo below to apply for this service.  You can also apply via phone at: 1-800-677-0718  

Pet Insurance

Family Pet Hospital has experience working with several major pet insurance companies. Pet insurance is a great way to ensure that your pet always has access to great veterinary and can help defray costs. You can learn more about pet insurance on our website by clicking here .