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Hospice Care


Pain Management

Often, as our pets reach their final years, arthritis and other conditions can cause chronic pain.  Our goal is to allow your pet to live out their days as pain free and comfortable as possible.  We do this by using multiple therapies (called a mutlimodal approach) including traditional pain medications and laser therapy.  Your veterinarian will be able to discuss your pet's needs in detail during your visit and address any questions you may have.  You can read more about our Laser Therapy Program here 

Laser Therapy

When Is It Time?


One of the hardest questions to answer is, "When will I know it is time?" Every pet and every situation is a bit different and no time line is exactly the same.  Our veterinary team will work with you and your pet and help you to understand some guidelines to help you decide when to say good bye.  If you are having a difficult time deciding or just need to talk it out with someone please know that we are here for you and your pet.

When the time comes to say good bye our team will walk you through the process step by step, letting you know what to expect. We make the process pain-free and peaceful for both you and your pet and we will treat you both with the utmost respect.




There are several options available to you for your pet's remains.

Some of our clients chose a home burial while others prefer their pet be cremated. We use Midwest Cremation Service as our professional pet cremation service.  

If you would like to have your pet's ashes returned to you that can be arranged. 

Please know that we trust Midwest Cremation Service with our own pets and you can rest assured that your pet's remains will be treated with the utmost care and respect.

Midwest Cremation

Pet Loss Support

The grief that comes with the loss of a beloved pet is real and can be devastating. Talking with family and friends can help you through the grieving process. Another option we encourage is talking to a health care professional or counselor.  There are also resources available on-line and Pet Loss Support Hotlines which can be found on our Pet Loss Support Page.  Family Pet Hospital also maintains a client library of books that can be checked out.  Books available include pet loss support for adults as well as how to explain pet loss to children.