Family Pet Hospital Pain Management

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Pain Management

Our veterinarians took the veterinary medical oath upon becoming doctors. Part of that oath is to aid in the "relief of animal suffering".  We take that oath very seriously and the doctors and staff of Family Pet Hospital recognize that alleviating pain is paramount to the care and comfort of your pet.  There are several ways to manage pain in our pets from non-invasive therapy laser (discussed above) to more aggressive multi-modal therapies where medications can be combined with supplements and environmental changes.  


Laser Therapy

 Family Pet Hospital partners with Galena Square Veterinary Clinic in Galena, IL to provide therapy laser services.  Therapy laser treatments can provide relief for multiple conditions by increasing blood flow and decreasing swelling to a specific area of the body which speeds the healing process and decreases pain and discomfort.  If you have questions regarding therapy laser treatments and how they may be helpful for your pet our doctors and staff are ready to answer questions!  

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