Family Pet Hospital Veterinary Dental Services

Dental and Oral Surgery


 Oral health is important for your pet's overall well being.  Family Pet Hospital offers a wide range of services from teaching clients how to brush their pet's teeth to periodontal surgery and everything in between. Dental disease is the number one diagnosed disease in dogs and cats today.  Bacteria from dental disease move throughout the body and can cause damage to vital organs such as the heart.  It is estimated that by the age of 3, up to 80% of dogs and 70% of cats are already affected by dental disease.  Prevention is the key, beginning with oral care at home and continuing with more advanced care at Family Pet Hospital.

All of our dental procedures are performed under general anesthesia which is the ONLY safe and effective way to perform a thorough oral exam and safe and complete dental cleaning on your pet.

Unfortunately a dental (sometimes referred to as a COHAT or Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment) is not the same at all veterinary hospitals.  To get high quality care you need to investigate and and choose a hospital with high standards. A good clinic should be willing to discuss their procedures with you including the type of anesthetics and monitoring equipment used to ensure the safety of your pet.  

For a checklist to help compare Family Pet Hospital's dental services to those of other clinics, please Click Here