Cat Hotel (Boarding)


 Welcome to Family Pet Hospital's Feline Hotel!  We look forward to hosting your special feline the next time you need a great place for your four-legged friend to stay.  

All of our feline guests have a sun-lit, private condo with a view overlooking the "M".  Warm, clean linens are provided for everyone as well as litterpans cleaned at least once per day!  We have 4 feline condos available with a large multi-level play area between condos- this play area is accessible by each individual guest during different times of day or can be accessed by multiple cats for group play time upon owner request. Adjoining condos are available on request if your cats enjoy each others company. These condos have access to each other through their very own, private door so your cats can visit and play together and get double the space!  Our feline guests are fed and watered at least 3 times a day and often staff members can be found giving extra attention to our feline guests. 


Just like kids going to camp, our feline guests will get to meet new friends!  To help keep all our guests happy and healthy we do have vaccination and general health requirements for all our visitors. If you have questions regarding these requirements please call our office at (608) 348-9581 and one of our staff members will be able to help you 

General Requirements

Current Annual Physical Exam performed by our doctors
GI Parasite Exam (fecal) – Negative within 1 year
FeLV/FIV Test – Negative within 1 year, or currently vaccinated for FeLV
Free of external parasites such as fleas and lice 


All vaccines must be given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding and by a veterinarian. Proper documentation must be provided.  Your veterinarian should be able to fax this information to us at: (608) 348-5089

Rabies (Lyssavirus):
Vaccination against rabies.  This is a fatal disease that can be passed by wildlife including bats. Rabies is also dangerous to your human family and for that reason we require rabies be up-to-date.

FVRCP "Distemper" (Rhinotracheitis, Panleukopenia, Calici Viruses)
Vaccination against all of the above highly contagious diseases. Often spread from sneezing and nasal discharge, panleukopenia is especially dangerous.