Canine Pet Hotel

Welcome to Family Pet Hospital's Canine Hotel!  We look forward to hosting your special canine the next time you need a great place for your four-legged friend to stay.  

All of our canine guests have a sun-lit, private run complete with hammock (Kuranda) pet bed on request.  Warm, clean linens are provided for everyone and the floor is even heated!  There are three sizes of rooms (runs) available for you to choose from: Cozy (20 sq. ft), Medium (25-28 sq. ft), and Spacious (30 sq.ft).  Although we set maximum weight limits (so a 150 lb Mastiff can’t be placed in our smallest run), there is no minimum weight limit.  If your 5 pound pooch is used to having a lot of room to roam, you are welcome to request our largest room! We have several adjoining dog rooms for your pets if they enjoy each other’s company.  These rooms have access to each other through their very own, private door so your pooches can visit and play together and get double the space!

Our canine guests get at least 3 individually supervised play times a  per day, and often 4 or more.  We have 2 securely fenced doggy play areas with special K-9 grass so it is never muddy – even if it just rained!  Our Pet Hotel staff members take great pride in making sure your pooch gets pampered with extra snuggles and play time.  Some of our guests love water - so we make sure we get out the hose while others prefer fetch or simply being cuddled.  Whatever their pleasure, we make sure they have as much fun as possible!


Current Annual Physical Exam performed by our doctors
GI Parasite Exam (fecal) – Negative within 1 year
Heartworm Test – Negative within 1 year
Currently on Heartworm preventative and flea/tick preventative (monthly)
Free of external parasites such as fleas and lice 


All vaccines must be given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding and by a veterinarian. Proper documentation must be provided.  Your veterinarian should be able to fax this information to us at: (608) 348-9581

Rabies (Lyssavirus):
Vaccination against rabies.  This is a fatal disease that can be passed by wildlife including bats. Rabies is also dangerous to your human family and for that reason, Wisconsin law requires all puppies and dogs maintain a current rabies vaccination. 

DAP (Distemper, Adenovirus, Hepetitis, and Parvovirus)
Vaccination against all of the above highly contagious diseases.  Parvovirus can live in the soil for many months, including over winter and is often fatal despite the best care. 

Kennel Cough (Bordetella)
Vaccination against kennel cough (think of it like whooping cough).  Kennel cough is common in dogs and is spread through microdroplets of saliva and nasal discharge (such as a sneeze or cough). This vaccine is important even for dogs who are not kenneled! 

Leptospirosis is common in the Southwestern Wisconsin area and is often found in waterways and standing water (pounds and large puddles).  Leptospirosis is a type of bacteria which is shed in the urine of infected animals, especially cattle, deer, and raccoons and from there gets into lappable water for your dog.  Leptospirosis can cause of variety of symptoms but one of the most severe is irreversible kidney damage.